[jil-ee-uh] /ˈdʒɪl i ə/


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  • Scarlet-hat

    noun 1. red hat. noun 1. the broad-brimmed official hat of a Roman Catholic cardinal, symbolic of the office or rank of a cardinal. 2. a cardinal. noun 1. the broad-brimmed crimson hat given to cardinals as the symbol of their rank and office 2. the rank and office of a cardinal noun 1. another […]

  • Scarlet-letter

    noun 1. a scarlet letter “A,” formerly worn by one convicted of adultery. Scarlet Letter, The noun 1. a novel (1850) by Nathaniel Hawthorne. scarlet letter noun 1. (esp among US Puritans) a scarlet letter A formerly worn by a person convicted of adultery

  • Scarlet-lightning

    noun 1. scarlet lychnis. 2. red valerian.

  • Scarlet-lobelia

    noun 1. cardinal flower. cardinal flower noun 1. a North American plant, Lobelia cardinalis, with showy red tubular flowers in an elongated cluster. cardinal flower noun 1. a campanulaceous plant, Lobelia cardinalis of E North America, that has brilliant scarlet, pink, or white flowers

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