noun, Cards.
sheepshead (def 4).


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  • Schama

    noun 1. Simon (Michael). born 1945, British historian, art critic, and broadcaster, based in the US; his work includes The Embarrassment of Riches (1987), Landscape and Memory (1995), and the BBC television series A History of Britain (2000–02)

  • Schappe

    verb (used with object), schapped [shahpt] /ʃɑpt/ (Show IPA), schapping. 1. to remove sericin from (silk waste) by fermentation. noun 2. schappe silk. noun 1. a yarn or fabric made from waste silk

  • Schappe-silk

    noun 1. a yarn or fabric of or similar to spun silk.

  • Scharnhorst

    noun 1. Gerhard Johann David von [gair-hahrt yoh-hahn dah-veet fuh n] /ˈgɛər hɑrt ˈyoʊ hɑn ˈdɑ vit fən/ (Show IPA), 1755–1813, Prussian general.

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