noun, Chemistry.
any compound in which bivalent selenium is combined with a positive element, as potassium selenide, K 2 Se, or with a group.


Read Also:

  • Seleniferous

    [sel-uh-nif-er-uh s] /ˌsɛl əˈnɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. containing or yielding selenium.

  • Selenious

    adjective, Chemistry. 1. containing tetravalent or bivalent selenium. adjective 1. of or containing selenium in the divalent or tetravalent state

  • Selenious-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous powder, H 2 SeO 3 , used chiefly as a reagent. selenious acid noun 1. a white soluble crystalline strong dibasic acid analogous to sulphurous acid. Formula: H2SeO3

  • Selenite

    noun 1. Mineralogy. a variety of gypsum, found in transparent crystals and foliated masses. 2. Chemistry. a salt of selenious acid. noun 1. a colourless glassy variety of gypsum

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