noun, Chemistry.
a colorless, fuming liquid, SiCl 4 , used chiefly for making smoke screens and various derivatives of silicon.


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  • Silicon-tetrafluoride

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless, fuming gas, SiF 4 , used chiefly in the manufacture of fluosilicic acid.

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  • Silicoproteinosis

    silicoproteinosis sil·i·co·pro·tein·o·sis (sĭl’ĭ-kō-prō’tē-nō’sĭs, -tē-ə-nō’-) n. An acute, usually fatal pulmonary disorder, similar to pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, resulting from exposure to high concentrations of silica dust.

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    silicosiderosis sil·i·co·sid·er·o·sis (sĭl’ĭ-kō-sĭd’ə-rō’sĭs) n. See siderosilicosis.

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