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  • Skinned

    noun 1. the external covering or integument of an animal body, especially when soft and flexible. 2. such an integument stripped from the body of an animal, especially a small animal; pelt: a beaver skin. 3. the tanned or treated pelt or hide of an animal, especially when used in apparel and accessories; leather (usually […]

  • Skinner

    noun 1. a person or thing that skins. 2. a person who prepares or deals in skins or hides. 3. a person who drives draft animals, as mules or oxen. 4. the operator of a piece of heavy equipment used in clearing land or in construction work, as a tractor or bulldozer. 5. any of […]

  • Skinner-box

    noun, Psychology. 1. a box used in experiments in animal learning, especially in operant conditioning, equipped with a mechanism that automatically gives the animal food or other reward or permits escape, as by opening a door. noun 1. a device for studying the learning behaviour of animals, esp rats and pigeons, consisting of a box […]

  • Skinnerian

    noun 1. a psychologist who follows behaviorist theories developed by B. F. Skinner. adjective 2. of or relating to theories developed by Skinner, especially concerning operant conditioning.

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