snail mail.



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  • S-mail

    noun 1. snail mail. S-mail United States Postal Service mail (from “snail mail”)

  • S.maj.

    S.Maj. sergeant major

  • Smalgol

    SMall ALGOL. A subset of ALGOL 60. [“SMALGOL-61”, G.A. Bachelor et al CACM 4(11):499-502 (Nov 1961)]. [Sammet 1969]. (1995-01-31)

  • Small

    adjective, smaller, smallest. 1. of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little: a small box. 2. slender, thin, or narrow: a small waist. 3. not large as compared with others of the same kind: a small elephant. 4. (of letters) lowercase (def 1). 5. not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc.: […]

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