another name for strontianite
another name for strontium, strontium monoxide


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  • Strontianite

    [stron-shee-uh-nahyt, -shuh-nahyt] /ˈstrɒn ʃi əˌnaɪt, -ʃəˌnaɪt/ noun 1. a mineral, strontium carbonate, SrCO 3 , occurring in radiating, fibrous, or granular aggregates and crystals, varying from white to yellow and pale green: a minor ore of strontium. strontianite /ˈstrɒntɪəˌnaɪt/ noun 1. a white, lightly coloured, or colourless mineral consisting of strontium carbonate in orthorhombic crystalline […]

  • Strontium

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a bivalent, metallic element whose compounds resemble those of calcium, found in nature only in the combined state, as in strontianite: used in fireworks, flares, and tracer bullets. Symbol: Sr; atomic weight: 87.62; atomic number: 38; specific gravity: 2.6. noun 1. a soft silvery-white element of the alkaline earth group of metals, […]

  • Strontium-90

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a harmful radioactive isotope of strontium, produced in certain nuclear reactions and present in their fallout. strontium 90 A radioactive isotope of strontium having a mass number of 90 and a half-life of 28 years. Strontium 90 is the most dangerous component of the fallout from nuclear explosions because it is easily […]

  • Strontium-hydroxide

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a white, slightly water-soluble powder, Sr(OH) 2 , or its crystalline octahydrate (strontium hydrate) used chiefly in the refining of beet sugar.

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