syndesmophyte syn·des·mo·phyte (sĭn-děz’mə-fīt’, -děs’-)
An osseous excrescence attached to a ligament.


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  • Syndesmoplasty

    syndesmoplasty syn·des·mo·plas·ty (sĭn-děz’mə-plās’tē, -děs’-) n. Plastic surgery on a ligament.

  • Syndesmorrhaphy

    syndesmorrhaphy syn·des·mor·rha·phy (sĭn’děz-môr’ə-fē, -děs-) n. The suturing or repair of ligaments.

  • Syndesmoses

    noun, plural syndesmoses [sin-dez-moh-seez, -des-] /ˌsɪn dɛzˈmoʊ siz, -dɛs-/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. a connection of bones by ligaments, fasciae, or membranes other than in a joint. noun (pl) -ses (-siːz) 1. (anatomy) a type of joint in which the articulating bones are held together by a ligament of connective tissue syndesmosis syn·des·mo·sis (sĭn’děz-mō’sĭs, -děs-) […]

  • Syndesmotomy

    syndesmotomy syn·des·mot·o·my (sĭn’děz-mŏt’ə-mē, -děs-) n. Surgical division of a ligament.

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