a person in his or her teens.
a person between the ages of 13 and 19 inclusive


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  • Teener

    noun 1. a teenager. adjective 1. teenage. noun 2. a teenager. adjective 1. (informal) another word for teenage noun 1. (obsolete) affliction or woe Tee Dee

  • Teenie-weenie

    adjective, Baby Talk. 1. tiny; small.

  • Teens

    plural noun 1. the numbers 13 through 19, especially in a progression, as the 13th through the 19th years of a lifetime or of a given or implied century. noun 1. Archaic. suffering; grief. 2. Obsolete. injury; harm. adjective 1. teenage. noun 2. a teenager. plural noun 1. the years of a person’s life between […]

  • Teensy

    adjective, teensier, teensiest. 1. teeny; tiny.

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