tenoplasty ten·o·plas·ty (těn’ə-plās’tē)
See tenontoplasty.


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  • Tenor

    noun 1. the course of thought or meaning that runs through something written or spoken; purport; drift. 2. continuous course, progress, or movement. 3. Rhetoric. the subject of a metaphor, as “she” in “She is a rose.”. Compare vehicle (def 8). 4. Music. the adult male voice intermediate between the bass and the alto or […]

  • Tenor-clef

    noun, Music. 1. a sign locating middle C on the next to the top line of the staff. noun 1. the clef that establishes middle C as being on the fourth line of the staff, used for the writing of music for the bassoon, cello, or tenor trombone See also C clef

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    noun 1. mellophone.

  • Tenoreceptor

    tenoreceptor ten·o·re·cep·tor (těn’ō-rĭ-sěp’tər) n. A receptor in a tendon, activated by increased tension.

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