dick warmer

a small lap dog, usually from mexico that will nest on your c*ck to keep it warm. you must be carful because on a bad day they can become d*ck stompers.
unc: steve have u seen my d*ckwarmer?
steve: i think i saw it running around the kitchen
see “woman”
“where my d*ck-warmer run off to? b*tch, where you at?”
a p*ssy,c*nt ect. because if you stick your d*ck in it it will keep it warm on a cold day.
i need kathy’s hot little d*ck warmer on a cold night like this.
uncommon phrase synonymous with the human mouth. generally used by male military personnel, in a derogatory context, directed at other male service members.
shut your d*ckwarmers and get back to work, f*ckheads!
when a man, normally a pimp, calls his ho that he frequently uses between s*x and uses her for pleasure, no love, no money, and the ho gets rejected for cash.
pimp 1: yo have you seen my d*ck warmer lately?
pimp 2: wait what? oh you mean your ho?

pimp 1: you can tell yo *ss is new to the pimpin’ game.

oh lawdy
someone who warms up d*cks for a profession.
“hey man what do you do for a living?”
“oh, im a d*ckwarmer.”
“wtf? what the h*ll is that?”
“i warm d*cks.”
“oh cool, how much does it pay?”
“f*ck you f*gget”

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