when you see a nice *ss, and you just don’t have that perfect word to describe it, entronkulous is your answer
d*mn girl your *ss is entronkulous

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    real n*gg*s. that’s it an that song so jake+aric.

  • harfins

    a name for any dog. starting with marines in afghanistan, they call a stray dog harfin or harfins and usually the dog would answer the name. *meets a new dog at a friends house* “hi harfins!”

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    an uncirc*mcised p*n*s; a dog with a hood. bro but that hooded dog away

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    a s*x position where the man lays on his back and the woman starts facing the man, with the c*ck in her *ss. next, she rotates clockwise on his c*ck, while still in her *ss, reciting the mexican national anthem. although it is not required, it is highly encouraged to use taco bell verde sauce […]

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