when a friend kidnaps their g*y friend to make them go shopping
i am g*ynapping derek to make him go shopping with me

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  • fhtl

    stands for f*ck him then leave. friend 1: are you guys gonna start dating? friend 2: nah, but he’s really hot so i’ll just fhtl.

  • bargeron

    truly a complete *sshole that f*cks with everyone he sees. some people have many issues with. he can get you mad and angry most times but has his good moments. that bargeron is an *sshole, dude

  • the lemieux

    when you lay behind someone with their back towards you and pleasure yourself. this is a reference similar to a 69, but instead know as a 66. the number 66 is the number of famous hockey legend mario lemieux hence it also know as the lemieux. him: “hey baby, can we try something new tonight? […]

  • friendageddon

    when you post an inflammatory or highly offensive message to social media and a large number of people unfriendly you. i got mad the other day and committed friendageddon going off on anti-vaxxers.

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