two drag queens hook up
bianca del rio hooked up rupaul, they are such h*m*dyk*s

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  • swampy b*tt

    when you sweat from your b*ttocks and feel a rash in your latter regions. after my run i had severe swampy b*tt.

  • man lumber

    the kind of wood a man carries between his legs. it could be oak, pine, mahogany or bonsai depending on race or family inheritance. i asked this hottie if she would like to get a pizza and f*ck. when she said no i said “what you don’t like pizza”? at that point she kicked me […]

  • d*ckbillie

    a flaming h*m*s*xual hillbillie… aka d*ckbillie the d*ckbillie was singing and dancing around the bar.

  • poo mist

    when your fart is so dense you can almost feel, smell, and taste it in the are. its like a light rain (mist) in a humid climate, however the weather is from your b*tt. guy1: d*mnit, what is that? its like i walked into a stinky cloud! guy2: haha, you just walked into poo mist.

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