someone who s*xually har*sses people on the internet for fun.
wow that guy is such a jessible

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  • mexican rainbow kiss

    like a normal rainbow kiss but with sh*t and p*ss added to the period blood and c*m. that sl*t just got the mexican rainbow kiss from the drug lord.

  • woody charm show

    having s*x i took that drop’em blossom back t o my place for the woody charm show

  • the bread is in the toaster

    a phrase used to indicate that something is cool and legit can also be used to indicate a plan is in motion awesome man, bread in the toaster. that party was toasty af. everything is ready, the bread is in the toaster.

  • wancha

    a lady b*n*r. yup… guy 1: i’m finally not a virgin guy 2:holy sh*t congradulations man! did she get a wancha? guy 1: yea, f*cking m*ssive one too. guy 3: *backflips*

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