deliciously underage.
i am so glad i live near a playgound: lolilitious!

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  • dominant male

    a lad who beats his girl and claims he is the alpha male. “f*cking h*ll lads, there’s a bl**dy dominant male over there.”

  • dorlisa

    the baddest b*tch in the party. probably seen tweaking on your man or p*ssed out in someone’s bed but stands up for anyone in distress loves food, funny and cares for all but can through down on the dance floor. dorlisa be crazy! so much love for dorlisa.

  • kenneth b*n*r

    a half chub erection that comes on suddenly during a presidential debate. if you are lucky enough, you may look down to find your p*n*s wearing a thick red sweater, gl*sses, and a freshly combed mustache. there i was watching the tube, when all of a sudden, bam, my w*nker swelled into a nice plump […]

  • monster smash

    f*cking on halloween in a graveyard “donny, me and cat did the monster smash last night.” “no way bro! isn’t your grandma in that graveyard?” “yeah, but that didn’t stop me. candy was everywhere.”

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