to say something like a motherf*cker, or to perform an action like a motherf*cker
you said that motherf*ckerly!

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  • c-cl*sser

    a person that belongs to or goes in the infamous c-cl*ss. known as annoying, loud, dumb and violent. believes that they are smarter then they actually are. but their intelligence is worth comparing to a f*cking stone. loves drama and fights to establish “dominance” because they are not as evolved as the rest of us […]

  • pooc*sso

    sticking a finger up your b*tt and using your pool to finger paint on walls,your clothing , etc some body pulled a pooc*sso in the rest stop bathroom when a person paints the wall behind the toilet with explosive diarrhea while attempting to sit. also known as a photo finish. the best masterpieces are created […]

  • shark's bite

    when someone bites your d*ck during oral she gave me shark’s bite man, i needed ice!

  • averge

    averge is the word average but misspelled . average , noun : a middle point between extremes , normal , middle hey i wrote i had an averge day in my test paper , my teacher gave me an f for misspelling average

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