a s*xy *ss mother f*cker who’s funny asf and will steal your man 😉
get you a nayounce

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  • lock her up

    what you do to old crooked, political c*nts. *crowd chants* lock her up! lock her up! pence: what are gonna do about that cabbage clinton? cabinet: lock her up!!!

  • typped

    the state of being “hype” and “tired” pr*nounced “tipped” adj. bruh after the party i was typped af . lit parties get me typped.

  • sharon lui

    a motherf*cking hoe who talk sh*ts about other people and stalks the living sh*t out of people who are a basic human being sharon lui, f*ck you

  • clayton jewsbury

    a mr.stealyourgirl he is a real clayton jewsbury!

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