cutest ship name ever
they are so nickelly

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    when you get fed up with an austin messing things up, either largely or in minuscule amounts, you may switch out his name with “goshtin” to encourage him to stop his tom-foolery. no matter how small the mess-up may be, when it is by a goshtin, it is a big deal. you know who you […]

  • lawarence

    lawarence…more than likely an old person who likes gardens. who has two daughters.. person 1: “..hey i got these veggies.” lawarence: “..ok..what do you want me to do?” person 1: “..pick them..” lawarence: “..your do it!”

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    (noun): a person with an encyclopedic memory. “facts go in, they don’t check out” my friend rob seems to remember every d*mn thing he ever learned or read. he’s a d*mn knowledge motel”

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    when you stab a prost*tute in their belly b*tton with your p*n*s so hard that she\he bleeds. i totally jabbed!!! that b*tch last night.

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