no manners

no manners a girl with sloppy head game slurping, spits on d*ck
man bro she gave me head with no manners

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  • omgfu

    acronym: keyboard-centric acronym, oh my god f*ck you. person a: no worries, it’s all good :)! person b: omgfu.

  • overkill software

    the company shovin up dlcs up your *ss like it´s 1999. overkill software makes excellent dlcs!

  • parmesanxiety

    distress or uneasiness of mind occurring when determining how much fresh parmesan cheese the wait-staff can grind for your dish. i would have gladly had the waitress grind that brick of parmesan ’til her arm fell off, but my parmesanxiety got the best of me ,and i said “when” after only a couple seconds.

  • p*ss the whiskey

    the overused voice command in the game fistful of frags where you say it after killing someone (it was supposed to be like “medic!”in tf2) stop spamming p*ss the whiskey you f*ggot!

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