putt tut

a gaseous explosion from the *n*l cavity
“her putt tut killed my b*n*r”

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  • baby snout

    funny. also known as logan, giant, dirty ,athletic wow thats one baby snout

  • slugtut

    another word for a sl*t or a wh*r* she was a slugtut when it came to dating

  • bushy lemur

    when a male has so much pubic hair his p*n*s looks like a bushy lemur. hey did you hear john has a bushy lemur?

  • doelubeted

    déw-e-lèwb-it-ed noun. 1.) the act of having brief, jerky s*xual motions during *n*l, oral, or otherwise dry forms of intercourse that runs lube dry. also see those of lube *n*l s*x handjob rimjob last night, i had her on the bed, and we were doelubeted, man. it was crazy.

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