a positive way to describe a food, event, person or anything you can think of to the best that it could ever be.
mate, this burger is spondanging.

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  • sheric

    an adjective describing a couple whose existance makes you want to puke, but at the same time they make you believe in love again. truly the definition of goals. omg are they going to an amus-m-nt park together?? they’re so sheric!!!

  • nafiz

    he’s got a big finger and a big d-ck. pleases all the ladies. if you need anything, go to this guy. he’s a f-cking genius too. godd-mn, who is that? he f-cked my wife then helped me get my p.h.d. it’s nafiz, bruh.

  • teh milky

    a urgent need for milk. give me teh milky.

  • just add water chia pet gangstas

    a person who spontaneously decided their a gangsta after watching a few hood movies or too much bet. you think to yourself, “what the???? weren’t those cats wearing cowboy hats, wranglers, and belt buckles last year.” person walks up and say’s “what up n-gg-.” you reply, “last year you called me a n-gg-r, and now […]

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