something to do with a squad
they were in a squadre

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    the international symbol for “i suck c*ck” worn by wannabe trendy 20 year old females that are searching for a s*x partner. you: yo dude look at that girl, she is wearing a choker necklace. friend: yeah i bet she sucks a lot of c*ck. a tight fitted necklace around a person’s neck. women wore […]

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    when one is so chill they are practically the snoop dog of the neighborhood. they smoke weed everyday and ride in the whip. dude 1: hey dude did ya see that subie tho dude 2: yeah dude i bet the driver is 420 chill dude 1: he’s most definitely 420 chill dude

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    when you don’t hear correctly or you hear what you want to hear due to distraction or inability to actually stop and listen for once. ex. 1 wife: “pick up the kids at 4:30.” husband: an hour late because he picked the kids up at 5:30. he had his man ears on. ex.2 “it’s up […]

  • alex m*n*lus

    b*mhole. don’t stretch my alex m*n*lus too much dad.

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