supreme cream

when a man *rg*sms so hard his sperm *j*c*l*t*s at max speed and distance, similar to how a female might squirt.
eg female 1: i was with this guy last night, i made him supreme cream, he covered my curtains in c*m.
female 2: really either he was really bad or you’re getting really good

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  • you tell it

    when a woman, especially your significant other, is dissing, laying the truth or down right being a savage and you agree with their statements. preaching to the choir. making a proclamation that is resounding dat hoe is straight trippin’. sally ain’t got sh*t on me. tell it!

  • spanky my hanky

    spanking a hot chicks backside. back up and spanky my hanky.

  • portuguese pitbull

    when you givin here that bomb d*ck from behind and she goes ape sh*t. she goes so bat sh*t crazy that u need to slap a leash on that b**tch. be sure n*body gets near her and to get ur rabies shot. d*mn girl, don’t go portuguese pitbull on me.

  • sweat spider

    when your in bed and a bead of your partners sweat trickles down you, you have a mini freak out because you think it’s a spider in your bed crawling on you. i almost flipped the mattress looking for a spider last night, but realized it was only a sweat spider.

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