someone who has s*x primarily by facetime, skype or by similar communication.
my wife has me so desperate for s*x, she turned me out. i’ve gone teles*xual because i have no time to meet up with women in person.
when someone is addicted to using their telephone. it could also be used as a word to describe what someone is doing.
joe is such a teles*xual. all he ever does is talk on his phone.

guy 1: where is joe?

guy 2: oh, joe? he’s off being teles*xual.
one who is able to have s*xual intercourse without physical contact or from a distance
brandon is having intercourse with my *n*s right now from the other room, he is a teles*xual
a person who has an obscene s*xual attraction towards an electronic item.
dude shes using her vibrator again!!

yea shes such a teles*xual

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