The Suck Zone

it’s the point basically at which the twister sucks you up. that’s not the technical term for it, obviously.

– dusty, “twister” (1996)
it’s the suck zone!

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  • the wild emo

    usually a hardcore emo who when scared their hair grows and swaddles them for comfort eats raw meat at lunch alex : we have to be quite don’t want to scare the wild emo

  • to pull a manuel

    to have gay s*x. guy 1: did you have fun at the gaybar last night? guy 2: h*ll yeah, it was amaze b*lls. i met this cute guy and pulled a manuel. (to pull a manuel)

  • toss a frog

    performing vigorous c*nn*l*ng*s or *n*lingus on a french woman (or man if it’s *n*lingus) bob: hey man how’d it go with that french lady you met last night? joe: let’s just say i toss a frog. bob: whaaaaaat??? joe: yeah i tossed that frog all night man. she was squealing.

  • transformasian

    when that really smart white kid starts hanging out with them and “becomes” one by osmosis i keep hearing about this really smart kyle kid, is he asian? no, he’s transformasian. without meeting him you would think he is tho

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