a gorgeous african woman. she’s got big *ss and very s*xy body. all the men would like to be with her.

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  • vageisse

    a hyperbolic curse word, usually exclaimed loudly, combining the german curse “scheisse” (for “sh*t”) and v*g*n*. brandon stubbed his toe on the bed frame’s leg and yelled “vageisse” in pain.

  • toilexting

    txting while using the toilet mom! i can’t get in the bathroom, cuz john’s toilexting!! texting someone who is sitting on a toilet, from a toilet. toilet to toilet texting, usually taking place while both party’s are engaged in a bowel movement. dude #1: “dude, are you texting me while your taking a sh*t? dude […]

  • poor sap

    a term used to describe a sissy do-gooder often used to mock others for being weak “that poor sap paul missed the bus, i bet he’s gutted”

  • wolf in sheep clothing

    a enemy who pretends to be a friend remember john who i thought was my friend he was only my friend trying to set me up he was a wolf in sheep clothing

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