when you f*ck somebody so hard their moans sound like screams of war
tom: did you warf*ck your dog today i heard him from across the hall.
mark:yeah i did but don’t tell my cat.

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  • bradgitated

    the feeling one gets when a person named brad causes you to feel agitated. brad took forever to pick me up. i’m so f*cking bradgitated right now.

  • swordfish d*ld*

    the physical embodiment of being f*cked in the *ss by something so hard, it makes your r*ct*m bleed. “f*cking h*ll gary, thanks to your little escapade, we now have gotten the swordfish d*ld* from corporate. good job.”

  • mom's private stash

    breast milk. baby’s trying to get a squirt of mom’s private stash.

  • boca steamer

    a variation of the cleveland steamer better suited for rich sn*bby boca b*tches where you defecate into a designer handbag (i.e. louis vuitton or chanel) and place the sh*t filled handbag onto the b*tches chest. i met this spoiled b*tch at the town center mall and she really needed a boca steamer dropped on her […]

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