a lit *ss mf b*tch who only talk to certain people, nice to almost everyone, only listens to lit sh*t, and eats an unnecessary amount of food.
that is some wetshina *ss sh*t.

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  • osae

    b*tch *ss hoe that f*cks so many girls he probably has every std under f*cking sun. dont f*ck osae unless you want herpes

  • marcus carter

    a guy who wont admit he is g*y but secretly is and doesn’t want to come out of the closet it’s okay marcus carter no one will judge you

  • garfieldism

    a religion that was inadvertently created by garfield that promotes doing nothing all day. he won’t get off the couch because he is a follower of garfieldism.

  • maksood

    a person that like children and tends to want to f*ck everything in the *ss. also wants to “beat your *ss” those middle schoolers better look out for that maksood over there

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