your mom gave me head
hey john, ymgmh last night

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  • younion

    the dissolving of self in infinite or divine consciousness. psychedelics allowed her to experience a sense of younion usually *ssociated with god. in a state of deep meditative younion edward lost himself in the other. their marriage was a marriage of the mind they shared in younion.

  • rme @ u

    rolling my eyes at you. i can’t rme @ u heard enough

  • secondhand pregnancy

    noun when a mother that detests children gets pregnant, and everyone knows she’s going to give that child away more times than one. a person who is too egotistical to give the child up for adoption, for their appearance in society means more than the child’s true coexistence. “marsha keeps giving her kid to me […]

  • mossy pancakes

    a v*g*n* so nasty and ugly you puke at the sight of it that girl so fugly she has to have mossy pancakes

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