a person who dates people just so they can have a girlfriend cheats a lot listens to rock music a guy who makes your life horrible
stay away from zebidiah he is a bad person

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    unson is someone who is kind, caring and has great hair. unson’s make great moms due to there kind and nurturing tendencies. look at that hair! she must be an unson.

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    when you don’t care, but you high key do sarcastically meaning “fine”, “k”, “it’s not important”, “as if i care” or “it doesn’t matter to me” it’s common in texting or snapping and because it’s abbreviated it highlights just how much you really don’t care. it came from “it’s not eating me up” to “not […]

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    a s*xy female costco worker oh man….bought that shirt just because that costco rica folded it.

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    a shower during which one shaves, takes a sh*t, and m*st*rb*t*s. i woke up 10 minutes before a meeting, so i had to take a utility shower.

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