a border line albino child with brown hair.. gets all the b*tches on soundcloud, but not so much in person. he raps and sings with autotune and dresses like a homeless man. he challenged a light skin peanut to a fight and the peanut ran away so he dropped a diss track on him
“yo y’all seen that n*gg* zekhi…. no….. ok…”

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    a mans with a huge c*ck that will pulverize ur girls p*ssy so hard. omg grentibear the savage d*ck king just pulverized my p*ssy grentibear is a f*cking savage

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    prom?? samantha callahan will you go to prom with me??

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    going dumb. going crazy. turnt up almost 100% sure it’s a reference to stephen curry’s jersey and a 30 round clip. both of them are things that pop-off. jason talking about how he and his friends had fun at a party the night before,”we had that b*tch going 30″

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