1992 Toyota Supra 2.5GT Twin-Turbo

coolest 90s sports car ever! sleek,fast,and stunningly beautiful can be distinguished from lesser models by its meaner stance, 5-spoke alloy rims, and rear spoiler. the twin turbo 1jz-gte motor spitting out 276 horses makes it a threat to anything under $45000 and in black it just looks bad-ss!
holy sh-t! did you see that! what was that thing! it must have been doing 140! easy

that my friend was a 1992 toyota supra 2.5gt twin-turbo
we’ll never catch that in our riced out civic with a fart can,neons, and 8000lbs of various cr-p; none of which helps performance.

you got that right lets go get some ghetto -ss spinner hubcaps from auto-zone.

ok, woo-hoo!

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