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call (503) 333-3950 for a fun time

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  • emmamosa

    apple juice and champagne instead of orange juice there are bottomless emmamosas on sundays!!

  • liquortarian

    liq·uor·tar·i·an 1. a person who intermediately does not drink or does not believe in drinking or consuming non alcoholic beverages, water, food or, in some cases, any substance not produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch, that is the intoxicating agent in fermented drinks. formula: c2h5oh an organic compound containing one or more hydroxyl […]

  • rubber cheerio

    a phrase that is used to describe the texture and visual appearance of an -n-s in relationship to the common cereal. i asked her how she liked it. she said, “i like it when you roll your tongue over my rubber cheerio”.

  • b*tter noodle

    a flaccid, floppy, dangling male p-n-s. i smacked her in the head with my b-tter noodle. one who’s favorite meal out of all options in the world’s cuisine is plate of b-tter noodles. obliviously non worldly, bland and simple. it can be used to define one’s taste in food, travel, movies, s-x life ect my […]

  • oouff

    oouff is a sound that describes extreme pain, usually mental pain. also known as the roblox death sound. often used in dead memes. guy: and then she dumped me. she’s taking the dog. and i just was diagnosed with severe depression. guy 2: oouff! guy: -sshole.

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