a good fuck

similar to when someone says a book is “a good read” but when you see a girl that has no personality, and has a s-xy body and is only good to f-ck.
d-mn that girl would be “a good f-ck”. too bad she got no personality.
a girl who doesn’t just lie there like a sack of potatoes expecting you to do everything and who doesn’t nearly rip the end of your d-ck off when she gives you a hand job
wow my d-ck’s still intact and i actually had a good time, she was a good f-ck
a bloke who knows exactly what he’s doing and lets you c-m first!
for a guy:when their d-ck can just sliiide in and they’re always nice and wet…loud moaning… when she’s encouraging… she just makes him want to go for it harder and harder every time she moans… when she can ride your d-ck like a pro. unforgettable.
for a girl: when she can barely walk the next day. bruises on the inside of her legs.
d-mn boy… you were always a good f-ck. the best f-ck… actually…
something i will never forget.
a woman who knows to work with you on journey to where you both want to go~
a woman who keeps her lips soft and moist when she kisses. a woman who knows how to move with you and grip while twisting and rolling with you. a good f-ck is a babe with a soft touch, warm hands, strong hips, thighs and the stamina to keep up with you. as for me, i feel i should be a man – get her hot with my touching, drink her moisture with my lips and use my tongue get her off two or three times. i want her floating before i go in .
guys that go down, last longer than 5 mins while i am on top
jeez tom is a real good f-ck
excellent s-xual activities
hard to find from any man
jill couldn’t find a ‘good f-ck’ from any guy, so she 69’ed with katie and became a lesbian.

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