Ammonium carbonate

a water-soluble mixture of ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbamate, occurring either as a white powder or in colorless, hard, crystalline m-sses: used chiefly in the manufacture of smelling salts and baking powder.
historical examples

the brown color is due to the impurities, ammonium carbonate being one of these.
human foods and their nutritive value harry snyder

ammonium carbonate is added to the filtrate; this precipitates calcium, strontium and 63 barium.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 6, slice 1 various

the pulsation was also restored by chemical stimulants, such as dilute ether, and solution of ammonium carbonate.
life movements in plants sir jagadis chunder bose

pot-ssium iodid, alkaline agents such as ammonium carbonate and pot-ssium carbonate, have been administered.
lameness of the horse john victor lacroix

the liquor is poured off into a warm strong solution of ammonium carbonate.
a textbook of -ssaying: for the use of those connected with mines. cornelius beringer and john jacob beringer

ammonium carbonate, when above a certain amount, also prevents the commencement of nitrification.
scientific american supplement, vol. xix, no. 470, jan. 3, 1885 various

the fat was emulsified by the ammonium carbonate present, and could thus be easily removed.
principles and practice of fur dressing and fur dyeing william e. austin

the filtrate is heated to a boil, and mixed with ammonia and ammonium carbonate, to precipitate the excess of baryta in solution.
scientific american supplement, no. 362, december 9, 1882 various

it is then dissolved in a small quant-ty of alcohol and water, refiltered, and the filtrate decomposed with ammonium carbonate.
scientific american supplement, no. 455, september 20, 1884 various

the second: a fifteen per cent solution of ammonium carbonate in water.
the home medical library, volume v (of vi) various

an unstable pungent soluble white powder that is a double salt of ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbamate: used in the manufacture of baking powder, smelling salts, and ammonium compounds. formula: (nh4)hco3.(nh4)co2nh2
an unstable substance that is produced by treating this compound with ammonia. formula: (nh4)2co3

ammonium carbonate n.

a carbonate of ammonium.

the double salt of ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbamate, produced commercially and used in powder form in smelling salts.

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