an opponent of imperialism.
opposed to imperialism.
contemporary examples

he would later say that the war pitted the anti-totalitarian left against the anti-imperialist left.
my friend and mentor, christopher hitchens eli lake december 15, 2013

it comes from both the anti-imperialist left and pro-americans right.
sunday q&a: josef joffe on the myth of american decline michael moynihan november 16, 2013

the only thing “anti-imperialist” about these movements is that they use that label to mask their desire to destroy israel.
mcgill’s judith butler bungle gil troy may 23, 2013

historical examples

this ought to be read before all the tomfool peace societies and anti-imperialist societies of the present-day.
letters to his children theodore roosevelt

the differences between the imperialist and the anti-imperialist do not enter into the discussion at all.
the great illusion norman angell

he was opposed by aristides, who was a very just man, and an anti-imperialist and “mugwump.”
the ifs of history joseph edgar chamberlin

opposed to imperialism: anti-imperialist movements
a person who is opposed to imperialism

1898, american english, in debates about the spanish-american war, from anti- + imperialist. related: anti-imperialism.

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