At my fingertips

the or end of a .
a covering used to protect the end joint of a .
extending to the fingertips, as a coat, veil, etc.:
a fingertip jacket.
at one’s fingertips,

close at hand; easily or immediately available.
at one’s command or disposal, as recall of factual information:
he has the answer at his fingertips.

to one’s fingertips, thoroughly; perfectly:
she was a politician to her fingertips.
the end joint or tip of a finger
another term for fingerstall
at one’s fingertips, readily available and within one’s mental grasp

1824, from finger (n.) + tip (n.). related: fingertips.

fingertip fin·ger·tip (fĭng’gər-tĭp’)
the extreme end or tip of a finger.

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