Bahala Na Gang

the bahala na gang (also known as bng) started in the prisons of the philippines in the 1940s. they’re involved in the drug trade (specifically whole sale of methamphetamine), extortion, murder, and human trafficking. they have certain signs that represent them such as the question mark & the viking. in the late 1960’s members of bng came to san francisco, ca and formed the first bng set within the usa. membership grew quick through family ties into other northern california cities such as oakland, san jose, stockton, and sacramento. in the mid 1980’s bng had formed into multiple “chapters” with each chapter compromising of different “sides” most of the n/s bng sets still have ties to the original p.i. bng.

the bay area as well as sacramento and the 209. they claim the color black as their color and don’t claim blood or crip like many other asian gangs do.

westside bng
the w/s bng formed in the early/mid 80s and were in a bitter war with the satanas (the biggest la filipino gang) they claim red/blood. located within los angeles.

the s/s bng is in the city of san diego and claim the color red/blood along with the w/s bng. there’s two different “chapters” of bng in san diego. “s/s bng” (official) and “bng chapter 2.’ (formed by n/s reject)

there are also other bng sets in cities around the usa such as las vegas and virginia beach.
the bahala na gang always will be the biggest filipino gang

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