Banana Smuggler

1.) when you have an obvious b-n-r in pants too small for you and it shows.

2.) when you wear pajamas from four years ago and someone notices your junk.

3.) when in a co-ed gym cl-ss, a girl bends over and you have to sit down to hide your m-ssive erection.
1.) banana smuggler – “wow. look at these pajama pants, they still fit!”

step-father – “are you smuggling a banana?”

2.) self explanatory

3.) girl – ” wow! i dropped my phone” ( bends over )

boy – oh d-mn…. ( sits down to hide b-n-r )
jeans, specifically jeans so tight that your dong is rocking out. hence the term, smuggling bananas. see journey circa 1978.
“man i got these new banana smugglers but the waist is a little tight. i’m starting to black out.”

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