bridal party bitch

a micromanaging bridesmaid (read: not the maid of honor) who takes it upon herself to boss around or bully another bridesmaid at a basic girl wedding. usually it’s because the rest of the bridesmaids are a tight knit clique or friends based on work, and the targeted one is either the brides relative, or childhood estranged friend, so she will -ssume the chosen target is not competent. the bridal party including bride in this situation are usually basic or woo girls and are besties, except the target. often seen paying more attention than necessary to what her target is doing, and either telling her what to do, as target is already doing it, or double checking that the target did said task, since the “other” can’t be trusted since she’s not ‘in’.

the bpb is almost never caught or called out by anyone else and usually, since the target isn’t in their crowd, the target won’t ever be believed that this person is a total sh-tc-nt since she’s a bestie of everyone else. the bpb knows this and works it to her advantage.
in her circle of friends, this girl is usually the b-tchy one, and feels it’s justifiable.
she usually has this personality too, because she’s also the least pretty one.
when i was a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding, this total b-tch had to hover over every move i made! she was a total bridal party b-tch!

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