chlamydial syphllaids

someone who is so bubonic with all manner of s-xually and otherwise transmitted disease that they have the look of a crack wh-r- that has been up for a week straight chocking down all manner of disgusting filth in a vain attempt to stave the insatiable desire to run themselves off a cliff because they are so diabolical. these people could be described as having syphllaids.

must have at least a small dose of vallium on person, postulous spots on face and v-g-n-/p-n-s.
gregor: check her out! she has the worst case of syphllaids i’ve ever seen.

steve: she looks like she has been sucking on the exhaust pipe of a hgv lorry.

greame: aye, that sure is one nasty case of chlamydial syphllaids!

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