Colorado Springs

colorado springs is a decently sized town in colorado that is about 80 miles south of colorado’s capital, denver. there is absolutely nothing to do here, unless you’re over 21, but still. there are movie theaters, and two stupid malls. oh ya… skate city. c-town (as we like to call it) is popular because it is right by pikes peak and garden of the g-ds is here. (anyone up for hiking?) and colorado’s biggest evangelical church is here, new life church. it is also home to millions of teenagers who have no lives, so they make one on mysp-ce… because there’s nothing to do in colorado springs. oh, yes, and it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. and it is notorious for uber fast weather changes.
teenage visitor: it’s f-cking cold.
colorado spings native:if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, it’ll be different.
teenage visitor: there’s nothing to do here.
colorado springs native: oh, i know, let’s go to walgreens!
becky: i wanna go back to miami.
founded in the late 1800’s by general william jackson palmer, it is colorado’s second-largest city. it is cradled between the rockies to the west and the monument divide to the north. it is 6,000 feet above sea level, with a population of about 375,000. the weather can be erratic, going from sun to rain, ro sun again, in a matter of minutes. some of its attractions, in and around the area, are garden of the g-ds, pikes peak, north pole, and the u.s. air force academy.
some of colorado springs’ surrounding cities and towns include, fountain, security, ft. carson, black forest, and canon city(pr-nounced canyon).
also referred to as c-town, the springs, and other names.
“man, this weather is crazy. we must be in the springs by now.”
“the springs?”
“yeah. colorado springs.”
the act of -j-c-l-t-ng into ice trays and freezing them for later use in an -ssociate’s drink.
rob: hey man my drink tastes salty?
me: oh yeah that’s my famous c-ke and colorado springs.
rob: oh good i thought you had just regular came in this.
home to the best hookah bar i’ve ever been to – 40 thieves hookah lounge. the only legit thing to do in the springs if your not 21.
lauren – dude, theres nothing to do in colorado springs i’m just gonna stay in tonight.

sammy – f-ck that man – let go to 40.

lauren – k…


jeff – so… i need hookah but its really late.

scott – f-ck it, lets go to the lounge they are always open and have the best smoke in colorado springs, if not everywhere.

jeff – not as good as me tea bagging a unicorn, but they are pretty great!

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