Deal Whores

the recent rise of daily deal sites, coupon websites and online deal sites now available to customers has create the term called “deal wh-r-s”.

these are individuals who will only go into a business once they obtain a valid voucher, deal or coupon code. typically lacking in loyalty, having no genuine interest in trying most businesses, they simply chase the next deal resembling wh-r- like behaviour.
example 1.

employee says: “that looks like a good bunch of customers over there”

employer says: “no, all 10 of them had vouchers for 60% off deal we did 5 months ago, i think they are a bunch of deal wh-r-s”

example 2:

mark: “oh we still need to go to that italian on 4th street, i have two vouchers for it”

paul: “i thought you had 5 different vouchers we needed to use”

mark “yes i do, i am turning into a right deal wh-r-“

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