Accident insurance

insurance providing for loss resulting from accidental bodily injury.
Historical Examples

We have written, I presume, millions of policies of accident insurance upon persons engaged in industrial occupation.
Proceedings, Third National Conference Workmen’s Compensation for Industrial Accidents Various

Fred was assiduous in his cultivation of the force; he called it “accident insurance.”
Making Money Owen Johnson

Convince him that he needs to take out an accident insurance policy.
Business English Rose Buhlig

So he carries a church-membership as a sort of accident insurance policy.
Men, Women, and Gods Helen H. Gardener

In an industrial plant one always has to consider the matter of safety rules and accident insurance rates.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

Money or benefits received from life or accident insurance companies, organized under the Act of July 1, 1893, are exempt.
How to Collect a Doctor Bill Frank P. Davis

Out upon the trestle they ran, all undesirable risks for an accident insurance company at the minute.
Sudden Jim Clarence Budington Kelland

Proceeds or avails of all life and accident insurance shall be exempt from all liability for any debt.
How to Collect a Doctor Bill Frank P. Davis

“I’ll bet a cooky you’re a total loss and no accident insurance,” Matt soliloquized.
Cappy Ricks Peter B. Kyne

The partial disability clauses of life or accident insurance policies are recent developments.
The Thirteenth James J. Walsh

insurance providing compensation for accidental injury or death

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