Acoustic phonetics

the branch of science dealing with the sounds of speech in terms of their frequency, duration, intensity, etc., especially as analyzed by means of instruments like the sound spectrograph and the oscillograph.
Compare .
a composite branch of physics and linguistics that treats sound proper as it relates to speech.
the branch of phonetics dealing with the transmission of sounds to the ear and the reception of them by the ear prior to neurological processing.
(functioning as sing) the branch of phonetics concerned with the acoustic properties of human speech Compare auditory phonetics, articulatory phonetics

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    acoustic radiation acoustic radiation n. The radiation of fibers that pass from the medial geniculate body to the transverse temporal gyri of the cerebral cortex and form part of the sublentiform part of the internal capsule.

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    acoustic impedance caused by the inertia and elasticity of the transmitting medium.

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