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aeromedicine aer·o·med·i·cine (âr’ō-měd’ĭ-sĭn)
The medical study and treatment of physiological and psychological disorders associated with atmospheric or space flight.


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  • Aeromedical

    of or relating to the science or practice of aviation medicine.

  • Aerometeorograph

    a for use in aircraft. noun (mainly US) an aircraft instrument that records temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure

  • Aerometer

    an instrument for determining the weight, density, etc., of air or other gases. noun an instrument for determining the mass or density of a gas, esp air

  • Aeronautical

    of or . Contemporary Examples Who has access to the tarmac side of our airports and other aeronautical facilities? Who’s Minding the Planes? Airlines’ Overlooked Security Risk William J. McGee July 20, 2012 Historical Examples Hence a definite branch of applied science—aeronautical Meteorology—is rapidly taking shape. Meteorology Charles Fitzhugh Talman Baumann was already noted for […]

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