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Albumin-globulin ratio

albumin-globulin ratio

albumin-globulin ratio n.
The ratio of albumin to globulin in the serum or urine in kidney disease.


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  • Albuminate

    a compound resulting from the action of an alkali or an acid upon . noun (rare) any of several substances formed from albumin by the action of acid or alkali

  • Albuminize


  • Albuminoid

    any of a class of simple proteins, as keratin, gelatin, or collagen, that are insoluble in all neutral solvents; scleroprotein. resembling albumen or . adjective resembling albumin noun another name for scleroprotein albuminoid al·bu·mi·noid (āl-byōō’mə-noid’) n. A fibrous protein. See scleroprotein. adj. Composed of or resembling albumin.

  • Albuminoid degeneration

    albuminoid degeneration albuminoid degeneration or albuminous degeneration n. See cloudy swelling.

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