Alexandria senna

See under (def 2).

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  • Alexandrian

    of , especially , Egypt. of or relating to the schools of philosophy, literature, and science in ancient . . a native or inhabitant of , especially , Egypt. Contemporary Examples Goddio told me that last week the visibility in the Alexandrian harbor was about 27 inches. Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010 Historical […]

  • Senna

    any plant, shrub, or tree belonging to the genus Cassia, of the legume family, having pinnate leaves and large clusters of flowers. any of various cathartic drugs consisting of the dried leaflets of certain of these plants, as one drug (Alexandrian senna) derived from C. acutifolia, or another (Tinnevelly senna) derived from C. angustifolia. . […]

  • Alexandrina

    a female given name, form of . Historical Examples When they reached their house Alexandrina had a headache, and went up to her room immediately. The Small House at Allington Anthony Trollope There was a girl, the daughter of the steward; her name was Alexandrina. The Intoxicated Ghost Arlo Bates She had endured for years, […]

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  • Alexandrine

    (often lowercase) a verse or line of poetry of twelve syllables. (often lowercase) of or relating to such a verse or line. of or relating to , Egypt. Contemporary Examples I’d love to hear that voice of yours revving on some Alexandrine verse. Kathleen Turner’s New Broadway High Kevin Sessums April 16, 2011 Historical Examples […]

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