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Alfred austin

Alfred, 1835–1913, English poet: poet laureate 1896–1913.
John, 1790–1859, English writer on law.
John Langshaw
[lang-shaw] /ˈlæŋ ʃɔ/ (Show IPA), 1911–60, British philosopher.
Mary (Hunter) 1868–1934, U.S. novelist, playwright, and short-story writer.
Stephen Fuller, 1793–1836, American colonizer in Texas.
Warren Robinson, 1877–1962, U.S. diplomat.
(def 2).
a city in and the capital of Texas, in the central part, on the Colorado River.
a city in SE Minnesota.
a male given name, form of .
Historical Examples

When calm had been restored, Mr. alfred austin asked where he came in.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, January 26, 1895 Various

He was appointed poet laureate in 1913, following alfred austin.
Modern British Poetry Various

Perhaps a few recent words of alfred austin may fitly close this attempt to sketch the principal features of this fair land.
Killarney Mary Gorges

It was understood that he would be appointed poet laureate upon the death of alfred austin.
Modern British Poetry Various

I knew alfred austin well; and a few words with regard to him may not be inappropriate here.
Memoirs of Life and Literature W. H. Mallock

Mr. alfred austin says of the Irish peasants that idleness and poverty seem natural to them.
Penelope’s Irish Experiences Kate Douglas Wiggin

a city in central Texas, on the Colorado River: state capital since 1845. Pop: 672 011 (2003 est)
Herbert, 1st Baron. 1866–1941, British automobile engineer, who founded the Austin Motor Company
John. 1790–1859, British jurist, whose book The Province of Jurisprudence Determined (1832) greatly influenced legal theory and the English legal system
J(ohn) L(angshaw) (ˈlæŋʃɔː). 1911–60, English philosopher, whose lectures Sense and Sensibilia and How to do Things with Words were published posthumously in 1962
adjective, noun
another word for Augustinian

surname (also Austen) and masc. proper name, from Old French Aousten, an abbreviated form of Latin Augustine.

Capital of Texas.

Note: Location of the University of Texas.


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